Christianity, at its core, is  a way of life. What Jesus established while on this earth was not an institution that bears his name but a way of life for individuals to live in that is deeply connected to God on a daily basis. If Jesus came to establish any institution, know that its door is your heart and its pulpit is your mind.

One of the leading apostles, Peter, wrote that individual people make up the “building of God.” It was about individual people being built up together rather than an institution building actual buildings. Somehow, over the past two thousand years, this has been widely ignored among professing Christians.

We build buildings hoping it will change peoples lives when what we need to be doing is changing people’s lives so that we can “build the building.” And just to be clear…not a physical building, just a metaphor 🙂

This blog is dedicated to exploring the roots of the Christian faith and reevaluating the typical understanding of what Christianity means to most people. There is nothing new or revelatory about anything I write, just truth that seems to have been buried under hundreds of years of man made tradition. It is my goal to strip away all pretense and present the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.