Roots (Devotion to Prayer)

“My house will be called a house of prayer.” – Jesus Christ

“Devote yourselves to prayer.” -Paul

While these quotes should be enough to cause us to emphasize prayer both in our personal lives as well as with other believers, there are good reasons why prayer is so important and why God wants us to be devoted to it.

If God is in control, why pray?

Simply put, it is for our benefit. God does not need anything and is dependent on nothing. The only logical reason why God gives us the privilege of speaking directly to him is for our personal benefit. God could just as easily accomplish whatever he desired without us asking, but that is not God’s style. He graciously includes us in the process.

I liken it to when I am building something in the garage and my kids come out and want to help. Would it be easier if I ignored them and completed the project on my own? Yes. Would it be done quicker and with fewer mishaps? Absolutely. But would it benefit my kids at all? No. And that is more important to me than the project. By including them in little projects around the house, I lose more time and energy, and the project might not be as good as if I did it all alone, but my kids learn and develop as a result of it.

(Disclaimer: I sometimes complete projects while they are not around…just trying to be honest here)

This analogy is a good one for why God wants us to pray. He wants us to be interactive with him and with others, and to get in on what God is doing. He is a good God and allows us to be a part of what he wants to accomplish.


Something that can be beneficial to developing a healthy devotion to prayer is to go through the Bible and take note of the many prayers within it. There is a lot to be learned about this gracious privilege that we have by reading the prayers of the many men and women of God of the past.


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